Man 28 January 2009

Man 28 January 2009

Man 28 January 2009

I think that this one turned out well. Somehow the angles, the light, the expression (something like despair or exasperation) all work.

The technique is similar to this earlier piece. I started with the India Ink, then put down a dark wash (this time it was Payne’s Gray – a wonderful deep dark blue), then worked to lighten the image, using a lot of titanium white on the shirt and plenty of Naples Yellow to lighten the flesh tones.

It’s a recurring theme, too: men wearing ties… perhaps a sort of opposite persona of the green woman. For many years I worked office jobs and had to wear a tie… and didn’t really like it… so I push off against it in my art. Some of these men are about discomfort, some about privilege… some I can’t really explain.


One response to “Man 28 January 2009

  1. This is good. I really like the color with the expression. The distortion in this just completely works.

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