Root Down Ride Around 19 February 2009

Root Down Ride Around

Root Down Ride Around

This one is a design I did for a bike ride that’s coming up on Friday March 6th. The Root Down Ride Around design will go on ride fliers and spoke-cards.

The ride will tour various sites that have been important for bicycle advocacy in Los Angeles over the past dozen-plus years. It will include places where bike things got their start in LA: Critical Mass, LA Bike Summer, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Midnight Ridazz, Bicycle Kitchen, More Than Transportation, City on Lockdown, Los Angeles Eco-Village, and more. A lot of these are things I’ve been involved in; a few of them I helped get started. One of the intentions of the ride is to get folks excited to participate in the Los Angeles Bike Summit – day-long event with workshops, panels, and all kinds of good bike energy. It features out-of-town speakers from Mexico City, New York City, Portland, and Davis. (Interested party note: I am being paid by the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute to help organize the Bike Summit.)

The ride and the name of the ride are from my friend Kelly Martin. She’s the lead and I am assisting in putting the ride together. The plan is for me to also draw a cool artistic map which we’ll have there.

Design-wise, I like the way it turned out. I like it when I can pull some of the messy splatter (which I use in my fine art – like here) into my graphic art… in a highly technical process, which involves quite a bit of liquid paper (which I guess they call some thing like “Wite-Out” these days, no?) Turning the double-O in “ROOT” into bicycle wheels is almost too easy, nearly a cliche.

The Root Down Ride Around ride and the L.A. Bike Summit are going to be fun! I encourage both of my loyal readers not to miss them! (If you’re coming to the ride, just show up; for the bike summit I suggest you pre-register.)


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