ALOUD Pershing Square Panel 11 March 2009

Pershing Square Panel

Pershing Square Panel at ALOUD

Here’s a sketch I did at an ALOUD event last night at the LA Central Library. It was a discussion entitled “Green to the Street: the Future of Pershing Square.” The folks depicted are (left to right):

Christopher Hawthorne (Los Angeles Times)
Lewis MacAdams (Friends of the L.A. River)
Daniel Biederman (Bryant Park, New York City)
Kathleen Bullard (Landscape Architect – Tetra Tech)
Doug Suisman (Architect – Suisman Urban Design)
Barry Sanders (L.A. City Recreation and Parks board president)

I am acquainted with Doug, and friends with Kathleen and Lewis – all through my work on the LA River, which I extol at great length at the L.A. Creek Freak blog. My sketch doesn’t really capture any of my friends likenesses… but I think that’s ok. It’s more important for me to do a sketch that looks ok, than to make sure it looks exactly like the subject. Most of you reading this probably weren’t there and don’t know these people anyway, right?

The drawing was done across two pages of my sketchbook (it’s sketchbook number 56, which I am nearing the end of) so you can see the gutter down the middle. I did it directly in pen (a uni-ball vision elite) which is how I usually sketch. I drew the head and upper-body of each of the panelists first, then ended up drawing their microphones, water bottles, tables, chairs, legs and feet… which don’t entirely perfectly match up. I don’t usually remove visual clutter, but I ended up omitting a couple of microphones and water bottles that got in the way (on the left side of the image.) I initially left them out, then they didn’t really fit when I would’ve gotten back to them.

When the event ended, a reporter/blogger named Samanta Page approached me to request if she could use my sketch for a review she was writing for – here’s her entry about the panel.  I am happy to say that the sketch got complimentary comments!

I don’t post a lot of sketches here, but since I did scan the image to get it to her, I figured I’d post it.


One response to “ALOUD Pershing Square Panel 11 March 2009

  1. Joe, i love your sketch! hope you’ll keep drawing our ALOUD programs. Louise

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