Man 21 March 2009

Man 21 March 2009

Man 21 March 2009

Here’s another piece in the portraits showing hands genre.  This is the first I have posted that’s just watercolor with no ink… which is a little unusual for me – I almost always use ink.  I confess that this blog made me do it.  I usually do the India Ink drawing first, then let that dry and start painting later.  I sat down and did some drawing, and thought that maybe if I do just paint, it will save a day, and I can get it posted sooner.

I enjoyed working wet – a lot of washes blending… and I don’t think it got too muddy.  The frame, which I worked and re-worked, turned out ok. I used to enjoy doing that with a lot of pieces about 10 years ago – though mostly in ink. 

I think the main flaw of the piece is that he’s a pretty generic white guy… not individualized.  I think I need to get some friends to sit for me for pieces, so I can do a little more observation and a little less invention.  Any volunteers?


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