Rio Limpio Bumpersticker – 26 May 2009

Rio Limpio: Tule River Clean-Up bumper sticker design (ink on paper, 3"x9")

Rio Limpio: Tule River Clean-Up bumper sticker design (ink on paper, 3"x9")

Here’s a quick bumper sticker design I did this morning (after tooling around with some rough sketch ideas for a couple hours last week.) It’s for a clean-up of the Tule River that my brother and his wife and family are involved in.  The creek freak streak runs in my family, no? They live in the town of Springville, California “The Gateway to the Tule River Redwoods” which is near Sequoia National Forest where my brother works.  Springville is located along both sides of the nicely natural Tule River, which is a favored hangout site during  hot Central Valley summers.  The river flows from the National Forest, through Springville, and into Lake Success (formed by a US Army Corps of Engineers dam) then through Porterville and into the now-dry Tule Lake.

Rio Limpio (Spanish for “Clean River”) is a series of clean-ups, hosted by the non-profit Wild Places, the first of which takes place this Saturday May 30th.

The design includes a cormorant, a mallard duck and two generic fish.  They requested that it include a river coming out of a pair of cupped hands… which I don’t think I pulled off all that well… I think that the hands are a little awkward.  I will be doing a t-shirt design for the same event, soon, too, so stay tuned here.

(Cross-posted in slightly different forms at L.A. Creek Freak [river blog] and Handmade Ransom Notes [art blog])


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