Art Car for Touch the Water Set – 25 May 2009

Me and the art car - photo by Terry Young

Me and the art car on the set of Touch the Water - photo by Terry Young

Here are some photos of a mural Rey Dominguez and I painted on the roof, hood, and one side of a junk car that we’re using as part of the set of Touch the Water. Touch the Water is a play about the L.A. River, being produced by Cornerstone Theater Company. In it, I play a biologist named Joe Swift. Preview performances are underway, and the show runs through June 21st. For reservations go to the Cornerstone website.

The car was sanded and primed by Rey Dominguez. I marked in the rough layout freehand using a thick pen, then painted in the black. All the paint is oil-based “one-shot” brand sign paint.

The design begins on the roof, with the forested upper watershed:



Then flows down to the hood, with the downtown urban river:



Then along the driver’s side of the car, with more urban river into the mouth of the river and the ocean:



Come on down and see the play (and the car) – now through June 21st!


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