Carolina Caycedo’s Daytoday at g727

Installation view of the south wall

Daytoday installation view of the south wall

Here’s a view of an art show at g727 that featured a few pieces of mine. The view is a portion of a gallery installation by Carolina Caycedo. Caycedo is an artist whose medium is barter. I met her when she dropped by a sunday night potluck dinner at L.A. Eco-Village. We talked about alternative ways of living, about non-object art and object art. She gave me her list of items that she trades for and items that she’s interested in receiving.  I noticed scanning on her list, so I gave her a pile of my older work, which she subsequently scanned and which I’ve subsequently posted here. (If there are other folks out there who would be interested in trading scanning for art, please contact me! Email me at “linton.joe[at]” – I have a huge backlog of stuff that I’d like to get scanned and posted someday.)

We also traded books. I gave her a copy of the book I wrote and illustrated: Down by the Los Angeles River in exchange for Almanaque Marc Emery, which she edited. I also exchanged a copy of my Drawings Old and New (xeroxed zine from 2004) for what turned out to be Creative Art Crafts: Pottery Textiles Masks Jewelry (Book 3) by Pedro deLemos – a cool illustrated book from 1948.

I only photographed one wall of three. There was an excellent map of her travels in Los Angeles on  the wall across from the one pictured. The third wall had more bartered objects, and behind that wall was a trading area where folks dropped off various things to exchange – from books, to clothing, to artwork, to knicknacks. It looked a little like a garage sale, and there were definitely folks there looking over the objects and finding things to trade for what they’d contributed.

In the above image, you can see (second from the left) the still life I drew/painted with Chayote and Feijoas (looking good framed!), and (third from the left) my zine and my book.

Still life: Chayote and Feijoas, 16 September 2004

Still life: Chayote and Feijoas, 16 September 2004 (click for larger image)


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