Woman – 21 March 2009


Woman, 21 March 2009, ink and watercolor on paper, 9"x12"

Woman, 21 March 2009, ink and watercolor on paper, 9"x12"

I think that this one turned out pretty well. It’s along the lines of my urban scenes – like this piece and this piece – though I didn’t give it a street scene background like I usually do.  Similar to this woman with the brick wall behind her, I did the drawing of the woman by herself initially (in May) and that hung on my wall for a while, then later (this week), I added background, in this case the two men. After that more-or-less finished the drawing, I dropped in the watercolor.

The picture plays with symmetry, of course.

Some folks have mentioned that my hands look like a specific sort of hand gestures from Indian art. The hands in this image don’t correspond to any specific gesture that I am trying to convey… they’re just more interesting compositionally… and they do convey something. The two background men have gestures which have their hands and arms (and even legs) parallel with lines of the central woman.

Charlie's Angels Icon

Charlie's Angels Icon

The often-imitated "Charlie's Angels Pose"

The often-imitated "Charlie's Angels Pose"

One thing that I noticed about this piece is that it does bear a bit of  resemblance to the rather cheesy poses struck in the logo for the 1980’s? television show Charlie’s Angels (which I remember watching during my halcyon youth.) I guess that that image does have iconic power – some of this comes from its use of symmetry. It is imitated very frequently by all kinds of amateur photographers – because it works! So I take my place in a long line of folks who’ve consciously or unconsiously played with this iconic symmetry.


One response to “Woman – 21 March 2009

  1. Calls to mind the Hindi six-armed Shiva. There are several perspectives on what the 6 arms represent. One explanation is that the three sets of arms signify the duality of creation-destruction, knowledge-ignorance, and motion-inertia. Another interpretation is that each arm represents the 6 attributes of feelings in the relationship between an individual and God: child-parent, servant-master, balanced partners, parent-child, wife-husband, lover-Divine beloved.

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