Man – 11 May 2009

Man, 11 May 2009, India ink and watercolor on paper, 9"x12"

Man, 11 May 2009, India ink and watercolor on paper, 9"x12"

This one was pretty labored. There are quite a few layers of paint that ended up on the page. I started with a wash that was mostly Payne’s gray – which you can just barely still see (as a dark blue) outside the black frame in the upper left corner and the lower right side. From there I used opaque watercolor to build up lighter skin colors, and I whited out the background. At one point I gave him an orange shirt, but it had some yellowish highlights, and that yellow started to take over, so I just made the shirt yellow (with some orange showing in the darker spots.) Then once I had lightened the shirt, there wasn’t enough contrast between the shirt and the background… so I thought that I’d cool the background by adding some blue. I ended up adding a lot of blue to all the background then actually lightening it by adding lighter blues (with more titanium white added.) It ended up looking somewhat like Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. Once I got yellow and blue in the picture, I decided to add some red, as I like to balance the primary colors with eachother, so I added some more warmer redder colors to the table.

(That one orange spot in the background is a mistake… from putting the piece in a folder with another piece which I didn’t realize had some orange paint on its back. I plan to touch it up.)


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