Man with Coin – 12 August 2009


Man with Coin, watercolor and India Ink on paper, approx 7"x10"

I don’t think that this piece is especially remarkable or meaningful… but it is something I picked up and finished after not working so much on my art (as evidenced by very few postings here recently.) I’ve been doing some work in my sketchbook, but haven’t made enough time on my other artwork lately.

Though it works ok overall, the image has some flaws that jump out for me – the upper lip is too fat, the top of the head too flat, some of the lines too straight to be organic human contours… Perhaps those straight lines form nice diagonals that make for a somewhat interesting composition… ay… better that I write less about my art and let you all decide for yourselves.

The subject of the piece might have something to do with my relationship with money… which isn’t all that great. I do ok… but I am not all that good at keeping up with my meager finances. I find myself much more motivated by things I feel passionately about than I do by money. I recently saw a talk on that made some sense to me regarding money as a motivator. There are studies that when money is the motivator, we perform worse some out-of-the-box creative-thinking tasks.


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