Alex Sanchez Fundraiser Flier – February 2010


I don't have the right type of scan file for the whole image to load - this is just the top

Download a PDF of the full page flier her: Alex Sanchez flier 10Feb

Here’s a flier I drew for an upcoming benefit hosted at Los Angeles Eco-Village. It’s for legal defenses for Alex Sanchez, one of the founders of Homies Unidos, who’s also the brother of a friend of mine. I screwed up on the hand-lettered text of the link for additional information, so you should go to “We Are Alex” instead of “Wear Alex” – oops. It all ran together and I misread it.

Here’s an earlier version of the flier that didn’t quite work for me. It has the same basic layout… but I thought it turned out too stiff, too boring, so I started over:

Abandoned draft of the Alex Sanchez Fundraiser flier

I was glad to contribute the artwork, because I won’t actually be able to attend that fundraiser, as I am headed to another fundraiser event – that one for the bike non-profit C.I.C.L.E., which I work for.


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