L.A. Streetsblog Fundraiser Flier – March 2010

L.A. Streetsblog Fundraiser – flier in collaboration with Colleen Corcoran – designed to be printed color 8.5″x11″

Above is the final version of a flier I did the drawing for. It’s an invitation to folks to attend a fundraiser mixer party benefitting a great website called L.A. Streetsblog. As a green transportation activist, I find Streetsblog’s family of websites to be extraordinarily valuable. L.A. Streetsblog has excellent local coverage of news related to bicycling, walking, transit, and more. Also really excellent is Streetfilms – short documentaries about green transportation all over. (Another reason that I like Streetsblog is that they also hired me to write some freelancer articles while Damien Newton, their L.A. Bureau Chief, was away on paternity leave for a couple weeks.)

I did it initally as a black and white drawing… based on the actual Los Angeles street grid, but gently edited where it served the design. The  drawing was pen on smooth bristol paper. I wasn’t all that happy with the way the drawing turned out – as the text ended up somewhat unreadable. I got an idea to add color, given that it was going to be mainly a web document anyway (so I don’t need to pay for lots of copies.)

So… I approached Colleen Corcoran –  a friend of mine, an excellent designer, whom I’ve worked with on the campaign to bring ciclovia to Los Angeles. Colleen did the excellent border design for the bicycling stork baby shower invitation for Damien and Marybeth’s baby shower. With me looking over her shoulder, bossing her around and asking for “one more little change” at least a half-dozen times, Colleen graciously added color and text to come up with the final design above. It’s still a little bit difficult to read… but overall I think it looks pretty good.

Thanks a gazillion Colleen for making a mediocre design look so much better!

Plan to come to the fundraiser on April 9th! If you want to print out your very own flier to help promote the event, click here to download the pdf.


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