CicLAvia banners – July 2010

Skateboarder detail from CicLAvia banner - tempera paint on butcher paper - one of three banners each about 15'x3'

Here are some photos of a series of three banners that I helped to quickly crank out. It’s a promo piece for CicLAvia – a car-free festival that takes place all over the world, and will be happening this fall in Los Angeles. The banners will hang in the windows of Mia Lehrer + Associates‘ offices – on the second floor of the Wiltern building.

The lettering and colors are somewhat based on the CicLAvia logo, designed by Colleen Corcoran, though she can’t be blamed for these images (though she apparently liked the first banner of the three and posted a photo of it here.)  The quick cartoony painting style reminds me a bit of the car I painted for Touch the Water. I did pretty much all the black outlines with nearly no pencil drawings underneath (other than some circles we traced roughly.) Stuff that I crank out without thinking too hard about it sometimes turns out more free and more fun than things I labor over.

Thanks to Mia Lehrer + Associates’ Margot Jacobs for filling in most of the colors inside the outlines I painted. She did this much more diligently than I would have! She also did the clean-up which I skipped out on.

walking detail from banner #1

Margot hard at work

banners #2 and #3

Walking detail from banner #2


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