Woman – 12 August 2009

Woman 12 August 2009 - watercolor and India ink on paper, about 9"x12"

This subject is similar to this other piece of a woman in front of a brick wall. Similar to that piece, I inked in the woman a year ago, and wasn’t all that excited with the drawing, hung it up on my unfinished pieces wall, then a year later, added the background and built up enough layers that it started to get somewhat interesting. She has a fairly subtle halo.

Here's where she was in August

And, in the pointless detail section, here’s a cell phone photo of an earlier version – taken in August, when it was 98% done. I guess that this mostly shows that it takes me a while to decide when something is done… I worked on it 4-5 times between these images and it just doesn’t appear very different. (Maybe that should tell me something – to stop retooling things past a point of diminishing returns?)

I was thinking of retooling it to get the halo to pop more – which I kinda did, but I don’t think it looks very different. I also reworked her pants, and darkened the frame, but it doesn’t appear too different.


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