Valley Bikery designs – April 2011


Valley Bikery design - 29 April 2011, ink on paper, about 8.5"x11"

Here are two t-shirt designs I did for the Valley Bikery. They may or may not use these. They asked for a logo to put on t-shirts… and I suggested that I just tool around with a few possible t-shirt designs. I do better when I am not doing a logo that I might have to see over and over.

The above design, which I like better than the one below, includes lettering based on Ben Shahn‘s wonderful all-wrong lettering style. There are lots of versions of it, but here’s one example:

Ben Shahn lettering - photo from 2 or 3 Things I Know blog

I read somewhere (and am too lazy to go find it right now) but I seem to remember Shahn wrote or said that he came up with this lettering by breaking all the accepted rules for lettering. Usually (ie: for pretty much all fonts where there is variety in the width of letter-component-lines – like what you’re reading now), pretty much all the vertical lines are thick and all the horizontal lines are thin. By reversing that rule, and being consistent and deliberate about it, it’s possible to do lettering that looks funky, but cool and consistent… and a bit folksy and naive, perhaps. I’ve done Shahn-inspired lettering now and then before… though not so much recently, so I don’t think that there’s any posted at this blog.

Shahn’s art is excellent – check it out. He’s definitely an artist who I try to emulate somewhat. Lots of great political graphics… a sort of expressionist style, urban subjects, palimpsests… 

Valley Bikery design No.2 - 29 April 2011, ink on paper, about 8"x10"

This design above isn’t based on anything specific. I don’t think it’s as successful as the one at the top. I didn’t pencil either out at all… so the bottom of the text on this one sticks out to the right more than it should to be really balanced…

And here’s a quick volunteer poster I drew when I was at the opening of the bikery’s new space – based on the crazy-popular LOLCATZ.

Valley Bikery Lolcatz poster - January 2011, pen on paper, about 1'x2'


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