Garrett Gastil Graduation Sketch – 21 June 2011

Sketch of Laguna Hills High School Graduation 21 June 2011 - in Sketchbook 58, ink on paper, 11"x17"

Here’s a drawing (click on image for larger version) I did of my nephew’s graduation earlier this week. I am proud of Garrett Gastil, my sister’s oldest son, who spoke well as his senior class president at Laguna Hills High School. I am happy to have played a small role in helping him get elected, by doing this stencil that he used for his campaign t-shirts. Garrett is a great young man, intelligent, athletic, and kind.

I started drawing the podium on the right (with a picture of a hawk) and kept working my way through the whole view – all directly in pen on the page, with no pencil underneath. Because it wasn’t mapped out in advance, it has a bit of a fish-eye-lens perspective, which I like.

The man in the middle right foreground is filming… which isn’t very clear from the view I had. My brother Matt is the large head in the lower right.

The image is in my ~80% completed sketchbook number 58, which I’ve featured other drawings from here and here.


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