Marge Linton Obituary Header – August 2011

Marge Linton header - August 2011, ink on paper, about 3"x5"

Above is a drawing I did for the top of a one-page biography/obituary handout that we handed out at my mother’s memorial service last weekend. I played around a few different versions, with cacti, etc., then ended up doing the book version. Instead of drawing the book split down the middle, I drew the book turned to nearly the end, symbolizing that mom’s story is drawing to somewhat of an end (though she definitely lives on in me, and my family, and her friends… Overall I think it turned out ok… but the I in Linton is a bit difficult to read because it overlaps the edge of the book.

Here’s the actual handout, below. The design was done, quickly and really well, by Emily Lawrence Mendoza, my cousin’s daughter. Thanks, Emily!! She used a cactus drawing and a drawing of mom with my now-adult nephew Garrett. The text was initially drafted by Laura Archer Linton, then updated and edited by the four of us Marge’s kids (and I posted the text here, for easy reading.)


Front side of Marge Linton obit handout - written by Laura Archer Linton with others, designed by Emily Lawrence

and back:

Back of Marge Linton obit handout, designed by Emily Lawrence

also available as a print-friendly PDF.


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