City – 17 July 2011

City - 17 July 2011, India ink and watercolor on paper, 4"x6"

This one is consciously somewhat similar to the earlier City piece I did… though I think that earlier one was more successful. It’s more-or-less expressionist – with no real attempt to put the city in a realistic perspective. The earlier one was more about  urban density… this one is a bit more about how cars and car-centric streets take over and pretty much screw-up our cities.

detail of bicyclist

And the bicycle/bicyclist makes an appearance in my fine art! He’s in the top middle of the piece. I draw a lot of bikes in graphics, fliers, etc., and I do bike stuff for my work, and I write about bicycle stuff often at the Eco-Village blog, but those bikes rarely appear in my ink/watercolor pieces.


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