Man with Upraised Hands – 14 August 2011

Man with Upraised Hands, 14 August 2011, India ink and watercolor on paper, about 9"x12"

For this one, I used more-or-less the technique I described here and here (though it’s actually a bit more pointilist – like this piece.) I did a fairly simple drawing, thickened the lines. Then I put down a wash of mostly Payne’s Gray (an awesome rich dark blue-black color.) Then I worked the picture to make it lighter and lighter using opaque watercolor. Initially the skin color was a lot of Naples Yellow, with white, orange, reds, yellows, and browns – more or less all warm earth tones. Then I went in with purples, blues, greens… and got it to a place that’s ok.

The play in the face and neck are somewhat interesting to me… I need to play around more though… overall it feels fairly straightforward.


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