Occupy L.A. sketch – 5 November 2011

Sketch of Occupy L.A. at night, 5 November 2011, ink on paper in sketchbook No. 60, about 17"x11"

Here’s another Occupy L.A. sketch (see some earlier Occupy L.A. sketches here.) This time done at night, so a lot of shading to get it fairly dark… and it’s somewhat difficult to get the shading right, because the page looks darker out of doors – and then it always seems not quite dark enough when I get in under indoor lighting. There are actually quite a few lights lit up out there at night… so the light source and shading seem diffuse, unclear… You can spot four different streetlights… and there’s one right behind me, too.

It’s in sketchbook No. 60, across two pages.


2 responses to “Occupy L.A. sketch – 5 November 2011

  1. Hey Joe, I love how you’ve sketched the tree near the mural. It kept getting my attention yesterday.
    I love your sketches of the varieties of people involved in this movement. Interesting word, movement, as the over-all impression is often tranquil, with eruptions of music, drumming, announcements, an occasional scuffle. Yesterday was a big event for me: As I walked empty handed to Occupy, I was struggling with my inner Sicilian because it was the first time I visited the camp without a pot of food. As soon as I glimpsed the tents, I decided that my presence would be sufficient.
    I joined a meditation in process on the steps, observed people setting up a medicine wheel. I connected with a few Occupy friends, watched some street performers, then spotted a very pink lady accompanied by a photographer. I asked if they were from Code Pink & they introduced themselves as Jodie & Nichole. My eyes got as wide as the dangles on my hat. I was meeting Jodie Evans, co-founder of Code Pink. How RAD is that!
    After that, I participated in a Medicine Wheel ritual with Mayan dancers and drummers. What a contrast: sweating, pulsing, embodied, colorful,vulnerable, descendants of the original people dancing for the earth at-the-base-of-stones containing the government.
    I left feeling so grounded and expanded, aware of the contrast between the intensely human interactions at Occupy, and the aloof, arrogant, facades of over-lit bank buildings clustered to the north.

    • Hey Carol – Wow! Thanks for finding my tiny Occupy L.A. supporting artwork online… and for telling your story. I’ve enjoyed spending a little time down there, mostly just drawing. I wish I had more bandwidth to support the movement more, but it’s been fun now and then hanging out and observing and running into people.

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