Man and Woman – 14 August 2011

Man and Woman, 14 August 2011, India ink and watercolor on paper, 6"x9"

This is a good example of overwork it until it starts to get interesting… a recurring theme in my art (for example this overworked piece) though I think it’s the second time only when I’ve spilled the hatching out of the picture frame… which I don’t think works all that well. Overall, I think that the shading took this one from boring to ok.

It has a bunch of other themes I play with: primary colors urban scene (those occur together a lot in my work, perhaps best here) with symmetry, and a green woman.

As I was overworking it, I noticed too that the stop sign is a bit impossibly placed… what… people will stop then continue driving or biking into the building? Oh well…  sometimes composition trumps verisimilitude.

(Random note to future curators… there are two very different pieces called Man and Woman both dated 14 August 2011 – here’s the other. Maybe I should think about less generic titles?)


One response to “Man and Woman – 14 August 2011

  1. i like this. i didn’t even notice there was something weird about the stop sign.

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