Occupy L.A. sketch – 12 November 2011

Occupy L.A., 12 November 2011, ink and colored pencil in Sketchbook No. 60, about 11"x14"

It’s another Occupy L.A. sketch (my earlier ones are here and here.) Usually I do more of this sort of sketching when I go to places like San Francisco… but it seems like Occupy L.A. is something that doesn’t happen every day, and won’t last forever (or maybe it will?), so when I end up downtown, I like to sketch it.

This time I used colored pencils… though, either through my or other technical ineptitude, the largest tent looks really yellow, when it’s actually a bright light-green (but I just draw and scan, and don’t try to make the scan just right.) I was going to do a full-on landscape scene… but it started to get dark and that’s as far as I got. After I ended the on-site work, I kept working on it some; I darkened the blacks and other colors later… but it’s still very incomplete.


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