Occupy L.A. sketch – 27 November 2011

Occupy L.A. sketch across two pages in Sketchbook No. 60, 27 November 2011, pen and colored pencil on paper, about 11"x17"

Here’s a drawing I did this afternoon – in my Sketchbook No. 60. It’s at the Occupy Los Angeles encampment at Los Angeles City Hall. I drew this at City  Hall south lawn, sitting in the walkway leading to corner at Main and First, looking more-or-less northward. It’s mainly tents, though there were thousands of people down there. Word is that the police are planning to evict the camp tonight at midnight… which I think is rotten. A few of the occupiers packed up and left, but, from my visual observation, more than 90% were still there at sundown today.

The sketch was done earlier today, I would have completed more of the trees, but it was getting dark. The ficus tree on left was the only one I got to draw at all… and it’s barely sketched in… but I think it works that the occupation itself (plus two participants) are fleshed out and colored in… and the setting isn’t quite. In my earlier Occupy L.A. sketches, I think I pretty much ended up spending more time on trees than I did on tents and people.

For other Occupy L.A. artwork I’ve done, click here. For other sketchbook work, click here.


One response to “Occupy L.A. sketch – 27 November 2011

  1. great! I’m glad these drawings are posted. I have shared with friend who is into all things “Occupy”!
    Your drawings are priceless documents. Thanks for sharing!

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