Man – 15 January 2011

Man - 15 January 2011, India ink and watercolor on used manila envelope, about 9"x12"

This one took me a while to tool around on and finally to decide it was actually finished. It’s sort of nicely overworked. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s in a sort of portraits with hands category.

Though I doubt that they’re really archival, I actually really like working on manila envelopes – the ochre color gives a lot of contrast to whites and blacks. With a used envelope, the layers get built up into a sort of palimpsest. See earlier envelope examples here and here – both of those sent through the mail post-artwork, though – this one above was originally mailed to me (from the Bus Riders Union) but I didn’t mail it to anyone.

The envelope was too big to scan, so I did it in two pieces, and they don’t quite match up all that well… but I try to spend as little time as possible in photoshop, so that assembly is good enough for handmade!


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