Man and Woman – 15 October 2011

Man and Woman - 15 October 2011, India Ink and watercolor on paper, 7"x10"

This one has been 95+% done for a while… and I liked it, so I didn’t change it all that much… but for a while I couldn’t tell if it was quite finished. I actually scanned it about a month ago (and I never really scan preliminary versions of stuff), then decided to work on it some more. Here’s the earlier version:

earlier version of Man and Woman piece

The earlier state is cleaner perhaps… but somewhat lacking in contrast (this happens sometimes when I like a drawing – I go into it somewhat gingerly, not wanting to disrupt what already works well.) After this early state,  I still mostly deepened some of the grooves that I’d already begun to carve.

It’s another genre-well that I return to over and over. Paired portrait man-woman couples that aren’t entirely compatible (see somewhat recent somewhat successful examples here, here, and here.) She’s the green woman, and he’s pretty much reds and blues. Some of the incompatibility comes from my improvisational drawing style… I tend to draw in ink with no tight composition in mind, so I draw each of them separately, and they end up not entirely pertaining to each other. I don’t necessarily think it’s all about incompatibility… in some ways, perhaps they’re complimentary sometimes… I don’t know…

Overall I like this one… but I think her hair looks a bit too cartoony.


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