Woman – 7 November 2011

Woman - 7 November 2011, India ink and watercolor on paper, about 4"x10"

This one is another example of a rather boring drawing that was made somewhat interesting through over-working the paint on top of the drawing (described here earlier, and done frequently in my artwork – some of my best painting is on top of drawings that I am just not all that invested in.) I definitely used a sort of hatching grain in the painting – though tilted (not vertical like here.)

I was initially trying to do a subdued old-photo sepia sort of color scheme… which I sort of did… though I think I ended up with a lot of canary yellow displacing what was earlier more earth-toned ochres… so it’s a limited color pallette… but not quite the one I initially had in mind.

I added the halo late in the process of working and reworking this one… and I think it’s still a bit boring overall.


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