Woman with Halo – 21 December 2011

Woman with Halo - 21 December 2011, India ink and watercolor on paper, about 6"x8"

This one falls into my somewhat frequent categories (nothing new here at Handmade) of mainly primary-colors urban scene portraits. Pretty much all of those feature brick walls.

After the ink drawing, I put down a wash that’s a fairly light red. Then I mostly covered it up with lots of opaque watercolor, though the initial red wash still visible in the mortar between the bricks. The mortar doesn’t read all that red though – in contrast to the red bricks around it. I didn’t put the wash down in the halo itself (I don’t think I’ve done that before) so it ends up standing out as a bit brighter than all the rest of the piece (almost too day-glow though.)

I included a grain to the shading and painting – so it looks like everything is emanating from the halo… this kinda works. It all ended up getting pretty dark… which ends up not scanning all that well. I do, for some reason, like the shadow in the left center of the drawing – just below her face.

I tooled around with the border – thickening it quite a bit. I would have made it thicker at the bottom, but I bumped into the title/date/signature… the hazards of not really planning ahead (and dating/signing pieces when the initial drawing is done.) Oh well.


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