Watershed Forum Funders Panel sketch – 31 January 2012

Sketch of Environmental Funders Panel at Council for Watershed Health forum, 31 January 2012, ink on paper in sketchbook No. 60, about 11"x17"

I did this sketch at an event yesterday. The sketch is two pages near the end of my sketchbook No. 60.

The event was the Council for Watershed Health‘s Environmental Funders and Media Forum which took place at the California Endowment’s Center for Healthy Communities. The sketch is of the environmental funders panel. I spoke on a subsequent environmental media panel, representing the blog L.A. Creek Freak.

Some attendees saw me sketching and asked me to send them the image, so I scanned and assembled the two-pages. Here’s a photo, taken and tweeted yesterday, of me showing off the sketch.

Though I like the overall sketch, most of the individual panelists likenesses don’t really do them justice… but that’s ok. I tend to not worry too much about likeness when I sketch; sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t, and I keep sketching either way. Apologies to any of panelists who see this and don’t think I captured her or him well.


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