Tree Sketches – 19 May 2012

Ficus trees drawing in Sketchbook No. 61, ink on paper, 19 May 2012, about 14″x18″

Posting a couple of sketches I did yesterday – these are in Sketchbook No. 61. They’re both 2-page spreads, both done with a brush pen that my friends Federico and Yuki brought to me from Japan.

I spoke to and walked with the Big Parade today. While I was waiting for the group to arrive, I sketched the above ficus trees at Confluence Plaza (plus the construction barriers for the city’s demolition of the historic Riverside-Figueroa Bridge.) I was happy to spot that organizer/chief Dan Koeppel had a copy of my historic bridges map in his Big Parade binder. I spoke about the L.A. River (for my river musings see L.A. Creek Freak,) and we walked along part of the Glendale Narrows. They kept walking, and I walked back to where my bike was parked at the plaza, then decided to hang out at the river and sketch.

Seems like I’ve been sketching quite a few tree portraits lately – some others here, here, and here.

I am enjoying working fairly quickly with a brush pen… though I got a kind of big unintentional splotch in the lower left… but was able to more-or-less make it work in the drawing.

L.A. River sketch from Sketchbook No. 61, ink and colored pencil on paper, 19 May 2012, about 12″x18″


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