Thiago & Nichole Save the Date – January 2012

Save the Date invitation – ink on paper drawing, with photo added, January 2012, about 4″x6″

This is a fairly simple save-the-date drawing I did for my friends’ wedding – that’s not being printed anywhere – it just exist electronically.

I did this one a couple months ago, and forgot to post it. I did the drawing (with lettering) right around the start of the year, then didn’t post right away, until Nichole and Thiago to sent it out… then they sent and I forgot to post – until today, when we met to look at drawing designs for the actual wedding invitation.

Been doing a lot of trees lately! The oak tree is sort of made-up (invented), but partially based on a photo which they liked. I don’t often work from photos, but made sense for something fairly quick and small.


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