Long Beach Caravan Trio sketch – 5 June 2012

sketch of Long Beach Caravan Trio, ink on paper in Sketchbook No. 61, 5 June 2012, about 12″x18″

That’s me talking and gesturing, with the Long Beach Caravan Trio behind me. Photo by April Eileen Economides

I was down in Long Beach and did the quick sketch above in my sketchbook No. 61 (which is nearly done, and I’ve already posted lots from it.) It’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever done, but I was happy to get all of them in quickly, with really rough lines. I like some of the implied lines – like on the very right edge of the image the guitar player’s upper leg isn’t drawn, but our mind fills it in. (click on images to enlarge.)

The band is called the Long Beach Caravan Trio, even though there are indeed four of them. I showed some of them the sketch and they said that the liked it. I was at The Pike on 4th Street – to celebrate my friend April’s birthday. She snapped the photo below which shows me, and the band nearly from my perspective, so I put the two images side by side here.


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