City – 13 June 2012

City, India ink and watercolor on paper, 13 June 2012, 6″x6″

To be really honest… I got some new square watercolor paper – and I like square stuff – for example, when I a am cropping photos for blogs, facebook, etc., and it get close to a square, I will force the edit into a square. On the new square paper, I did this earlier face, then the city above.

The city above is along the lines of the earlier expressionist city pieces – see this and follow the links there – with the longest historic explantion of expressionist cities here.

For a long time I did cities as backgrounds (one of my favorites here, a few more too.) Lately I’ve been sometimes taking away the sort of central portrait in front of the backdrop – and just letter the city be the subject.

The corner is a tiny bit based on an imagined view looking south at 3rd and Vermont – just a few blocks from where I live – in L.A.’s Koreatown. The pawn shop would be the southwest corner, the Big B[ox] would be on the southeast corner. It’s not a portrait of that intersection though – just sort of inspired by it.

Some of my recurring themes included: the green woman, the primary colors urban scene, and the brick wall.


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