Urban Scene – Yummy Donut – 23 December 2011

Urban Scene – Yummy Donut, India ink and watercolor on paper, 23 December 2011, 4″x6″

This one is along the lines of these two earlier pieces: City (29 December 2010) and City (17 July 2011) – all postcard-sized. I think that they kind of go from bad urbanism to worse… ie: the cars take over. The first is more buildings, the second more cars in motion with a few buildings, and for the third above: no buildings just cars – parked and moving – and a few people. I do a lot of images of cars, because that’s what’s in the landscape in Los Angeles… but I don’t like them. I don’t own one, and I go all over by bicycling, walking, and riding transit.

The series is in a kind of expressionist style… which I wrote about here. My recurring green woman kind of makes an appearance – stepping off the sidewalk, waving, perhaps.


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