Ovarian Psyco event sketches – 18 July 2012

Cuatro Noches de Luna performing at the Ovarian Psycos event at Corazon del Pueblo, ink on paper in Sketchbook No. 62, 18 July 2012, about 11″x17″

Here are some quick sketches I did at an open mic event yesterday. The venue was Corazon del Pueblo, and the event was a fundraiser for Ovarian Psycos‘ upcoming Clitoral Mass ride.

I tend to draw a lot of not all that great stuff at events like this… performers are on-stage briefly, so it makes for a lot of not-so-great sketches, and perhaps a few good ones… which is fine.

The group above, Cuatro Noches de Luna, played a somewhat longer set, so I got a chance to do a somewhat more finished piece showing them… though still really quick… with lots of rough edges (and nearly add badly-drawn faces – oh welllll!) Also they moved around when they switched instruments – so I had to improvise a little. The woman on the right was playing the smallish guitar instrument started on my right, then moved over to the left by the time I got to draw her… so she’s actually facing the group, though in the image it looks like her back is to them.

The above sketch was done with a basic uniball pen – the ones below with the brush pen I’ve been using a lot lately.

Here’s a full page of sketches – some of which are somewhat successful:

sketches of performers at 18 July 2012 Ovarian Psycos event

and one more page of images I think turned out well enough:

Performers at 18 July 2012 Ovarian Psycos event

Overall I was impressed with the quality of the performances… and was happy to show off some of my better sketches to some friends there and to a few of the folks depicted.

Lots more sketchbook stuff here.


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