Metro Rapid Bar Crawl sketches – 11 August 2012

Sketch of the HMS Bounty (bar), ink on paper in sketchbook, 11 August 2012, about 11″x11″

Here are a few drawings from my newest sketchbook: number 63. In the past, my friends Juan and Sirinya (professed green transportation urban wonks like me – though I think they have better cred than I) have organized pub crawls centered on Metro rail lines. Last night they organized a slightly different version around the more-humble Metro Bus. Specficially line 720, the Metro Rapid bus on Wilshire Boulevard (and parts of 5th, 6th and Whittier, too.)

I got in on two of the pub stops (which, as a person who doesn’t drink a great deal, was plenty) – and had a good time seeing familiar friends and meeting some new ones. We were supposed to stop at The Varnish – at Coles in downtown L.A., but it was too crowded, so we ended up at Las Perlas, across the street.

Sketches at Las Perlas, ink on paper in sketchbook, 11 August 2012, about 8.5″x11″

The lower of the two sketches includes Sirinya (left) and a friend of hers named Haley (right.)

From there we took the 720 bus to the HMS Bounty, which is a great very old bar in a historic building… and an easy bike ride or walk from where I live. The drawing at the top of the post is a very quick brush-pen sketch of the interior of the Bounty – done while we were waiting for a booth. It was interrupted by us actually gettting seated, at which point, I stopped sketching.

Here’s a drawing of a woman on the 720 bus between the two stops; I ended up drawing her across the fold between two pages:

Sketch of woman on the Metro 720 bus, ink on paper in sketchbook, 11 August 2012, about 8.5″x11″

Lots more sketchbook work here.


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