Bridge to Nowhere – 14 August 2012

Bridge to Nowhere – East Fork of the San Gabriel River, India ink and watercolor on paper, 14 August 2012, about 7″x10″

This one is of a 1936 bridge that was part of a road project that washed away in 1938. The bridge still stands, and it’s a fairly popular hiking destination for Angelenos. It’s a ~4-mile hike up the east fork of the San Gabriel River. It’s not the most wonderful historic bridge in Los Angeles, but it’s nice and old and in a pristine setting, so it makes for a great destination for an excellent hike.

Overall I think it turned out fairly well for a fairly quick (~90-120 minutes) piece in a place that it’s not feasible for me to return to frequently. I mention that because lighting changes gradually all day and it’s good to return to a spot like this a few times (at the same time of day) to really do a detailed, finished piece.

The hillsides there are beautiful, and full of various color rocks and vegetation that’s in various shades of living, drying and dried out… so I feel it was pretty difficult to capture it… I ended up leaving a lot of white, which is, of course, not actually there… but it would take more time and skill to make the hillside just right. So, the piece is kinda unfinished, but kinda enough there to call finished.

Was good (and unprecedentedly rare) to sketch in the great company of a hiking- and sketching- companion, Carrie, who did a pencil drawing of the bridge at the same time.

(random fyi – I got the date wrong – it was definitely painted yesterday, 14 August 2012, but I wrote 12 August and I think I’ll leave it as it is.)


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