Sketches of homes and cars – August 2012

sketch of Douglas Street, Echo Park, Los Angeles – brush pen ink on paper in Sketchbook No. 63, 17 August 2012, about 11″x15″

Am posting two somewhat similar drawingsthat I did last week. These are both from my Sketchbook No. 63. They’re both similar subject matter, and similar time frame – which is to say that I didn’t have a lot of time, but was in a neighborhood slightly early for something and decided it was time to crank out a sketch! Each took just under an hour.

Above is a, I think, fourplex in Echo Park near the Echo Park Deep pool where I swim now and then. I was running some errands downtown, and got to the pool early and sketched until it opened.

A few days later I was taking the train back to L.A. from Santa Ana. I ended up with almost an hour to wait for the next train, so I biked over (about a dozen blocks) to French Street where I used to live, and sat under an oak tree and sketched one of good-looking historic houses there. It’s only a couple houses from where I lived:

sketch of French Street, Santa Ana, ink on paper in Sketchbook No. 63, 17 August 2012, about 8.5″x11″

It’s fairly fast, a bit unfinished (even though I filled the darks in some later while waiting at the train station) but I like the way it turned out. Here’s a photo I took on-site:

photo of sketch and subject – on French Street in Santa Ana

Obviously the car (an El Camino that doesn’t quite look like one in my sketch) drove away mid-drawing – actually, perfect timing, just after I’d drawn it.


2 responses to “Sketches of homes and cars – August 2012

  1. I have been admiring your work for a few weeks after I saw a link on LACBC. Great stuff. Would you be open to doing a commisioned piece in this style of my house in Highland Park?

    • Thank you! I am interested in commissioned artwork – email me at linton.joe @ and describe what you have in mind. Also what timeframe you’re interested in (am doing a couple big vacations starting next week.)

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