Two Central Park Drawings – September-October 2012

Bridge in Central Park, New York City – brush pen and color pencil in Sketchbook No. 63, 25 September 2012, about 11″x17″

I’ve been drawing in New York City quite a bit… but haven’t scanned and posted as much as I should. Today I will post two of the drawings (more to come – and see this earlier post for more NYC stuff from my last trip.) Above is a cool rustic bridge that, as far as I could tell had no mortar – just incredible precision and gravity holding things together. The bridge is near the western edge of Central  Park, not far from Strawberry Fields.

In Central Park NYC – ink on paper in Sketchbook No. 63, 30 September through 9 November 2012, about 11″x17″

This one took a few days… I think I was overly ambitious. Started on September 30th in morning light on a beautiful day… then tried to go back and sketch again and got interrupted by rain. Finally finished about a week later… under pretty different light. The subject was too complicated – there’s a sycamore tree that I am sitting under – you can see its leaves in the upper right.  Those leaves are about 20 feet from me… and the rest of the drawing is much further away – so it was a challenge to try to lift them up. Not sure it works entirely.

I was struck by just how huge the trees are in Central Park… many of these trees are 5-6+ stories tall.

The lake is a smaller one along the east edge of the park – just below the Alice in Wonderland statues. According to the map it’s called “Conservatory Water.” It’s used for remote control sailboats, which you can find three of in the image.


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