SVA Artists-Mothers Panel sketch – 15 October 2012

sketch of SVA Artist Mothers Panel – ink on paper in Sketchbook No. 63, 15 October 2012, about 11″x17″

I attended an excellent panel event last night. It was Taking Custody: The Double Life of Mother Artists, presented by SVA (School of Visual Arts.) My fiance Carrie Lincourt had a hand in producing the event.

It featured an excellent panel of seven women who have balanced motherhood with a career in fine art: Suzanne McClelland, Amy Stein, Rachel Papo, Renee Cox, Katherine Barnhardt, Danica Phelps, and Sharon Butler, who moderated. It was great to hear that these folks were able to make things work with both parenting and one’s creative pursuits.

The sketch was fairly quick, across two pages in my Sketchbook number 63. Though I like the drawing overall, I didn’t get very good likenesses of many of the panelists.

Lots more sketchbook drawings here.


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