Trees sketch – 15 November 2012

Eucalyptus and palm trees – Santa Ana, California – Off Mystic Lane, ink on paper in Sketchbook No. 64, 15 November 2012, about 11″x17″

I sketched these trees when I was in Santa Ana recently visiting my family and my fiance Carrie’s. The drawing is done in brush pen across two pages of my Sketchbook No. 64.

Initially I was just going to do the eucalyptus (the main tree that stretches across both pages) then I ended up adding the palm tree on the right, and a few trees’ trunks in the middle background. Below is a photo I took of the site – though at the time I took the photo, in mid-drawing, I was just focused on the eucalyptus tree.

photo of the trees sketched

Overall I like the sketch. Brush pens are great for putting down a lot of ink in a hurry, and they’re very conducive to palm trees (see also the palm here.)

I confess that I eliminated a few branches that were confusing visually. Generally I try to draw everything I see – including random stuff like telephone poles, odd branches, etc., but, in this (somewhat rare for me) case, I decided to deliberately simplify a bit… which isn’t that big a deal. All drawing/art/storytelling includes editing – deciding what to include and what to leave out.

It seems like I’ve been doing a fair amount of tree sketches lately – oaks here, L.A. landscapes here, Central Park trees here, and plenty in the background of my Occupy L.A. sketches for example here. Trees are pretty good at holding still.


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