Tustin streetscape sketch – 21 November 2012

Old town Tustin cityscape – at corner of Main Street and El Camino Real, pen on paper in Sketchbook No. 64, 21 November 2012, about 8″x10″

I did this sketch in Tustin, the Orange County city where I grew up. It’s at the corner of Main Street and El Camino Real – in the Old Town section of Tustin. I like that part of the city – quite a few old homes and buildings from around a hundred years ago. See also this historic Old Town Tustin home I sketched a while back.

Here’s a photo of the site:

photo I took of the Tustin building I sketched

I was playing around with a new Japanese brush pen that my fiance Carrie brought back from Japan for me, after her recent work trip there. She brought me some really nice Japanese pens and watercolors… though for this sketch I tested out a somewhat inexpensive one, that works fairly well.

I didn’t have lots of time, so I left the trees unfinished. It takes more time to make trees look right.


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