Older Work

I started this blog in January 2009 to motivate me to do more new art… soI haven’t wanted to spend too much time on scanning and posting my older work… which I have piles of…

In July 2009, I did a trade recently to scan 25 pieces, so I am posting some of them here. The works are ones that I think are good… though they’re ones that were easily scanned on a standards scanner -hence about the size of a regular 8.5×11 page or smaller. Nearly all of these are for sale.  Email me at linton.joe [at] gmail [dot] com if you’re interested in purchasing (or discussing or whatever.)

For right now, I am just going to post scans, arranged by date. Multiple pictures on a given page for a given year.  I did an embarassingly tiny bit of explanation… I may go back in and rework this at some point.

>2008 artwork  >2008 letters  >2008 graphics
>2005 artwork  >2005 letters  >2005 graphics

>2004 artwork  >2004 letters  >2004 graphics
>2001 artwork >2001 letters >2001 graphics

>1999 artwork  >1999 letters  >1999 graphics
>1998 artwork  >1998 letters  >1998 graphics
>1997 artwork  >1997 letters  >1997 graphics




>1981 artwork

>1977 artwork
>1976 artwork

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