1977 Work

This is an award-winning bookmark I did when I was in 8th Grade:

Bookmark 'Use your library: King Kong does!" front side, ink on paper, about 1.5"x8.5"

I used to sit around at recess and lunch and draw pictures of monsters… including King Kong. The King Kong movie re-make in 1976 was still fairly fresh in my consciousness (including Jessica Lange who was definitely very hot to my junior high school eyes.)

I drew this for a bookmark contest for the Orange County Public Library’s 1977 Bookmark Design  Contest, where I was the winner for the Tustin Branch, and the Southern Region. This meant that my bookmark was printed and available at local public libraries.

The Tustin Branch also awarded me a paperback book: The Graphic Work of M.C. Escher, which I seem to think was recommended by my Currie Junior High School math teacher… whose name I forget. I was his T.A. his first year… and he did encourage me to try experimenting with interlocking images the way M.C. Escher does. I still have the book, and it still has a bookplate inside stating the award.

Here’s the back side of the bookmark:

back side of King Kong bookmark - click to enlarge

I sure drew a lot at that time… I think that there’s more of it to post.


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