1999 Graphics

Some graphics from 1999

Back before the internet was widespread, I used to create a lot of postcards and fliers to notify folks about meetings and other events. Here’s a postcard announcing the January 1999 monthly meeting of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition:

January 2011 L.A. County Bicycle Coalition meeting postcard, photocopy of ink on paper original, 4.25″x5.5″

Here’s the back side where the mailing label and stamp went:

back side of January 1999 LACBC postcard

Here’s a two-sided flier that I did for an LACBC campaign… it was sort of a big important early success to fight hard and get bike lanes installed on Silver Lake Boulevard – a street I use frequently. A few of us would ride up and down Silver Lake and hand these to cyclists, pedestrians, businesses, etc. One of the most popular gathering points along that street is a dog park, so we did this flier specially targeting dog owners. It stars my friends Joe and Mizue’s dogs: Wippy and Shaka. I am happy that it was ultimately sucessful – and that this flier was, I think, well-targeted and clever:

Silver Lake Bike Lanes flier, photo collage and hand-lettering photocopied on colored paper, 1999, 8.5″x11″

and the text on the other side:

More to come


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