Letters 1999

Some 1999 letters I sent posted here.

Sort of grotestque, but I like this larger-scale envelope ink and watercolor piece:

Naked Man Envelope for Michelle, 31 January 1999, India ink, watercolor and stamps on used L.A. Philharmonic envelope, about 11"x11"

In mid-1999, my brother Matt, my then-girlfriend Michelle and I visited my brother Mark Fletcher and his wife Laura in Bolivia. Laura and Fletcher were in Bolivia for Peace Corps. Here’s a letter that Matt, Michelle, and I all contributed to (it’s a 7-page letter… so I just scanned the part I wrote, because it’s all about me here at my art blog):

First three pages of letter to mom, 29 August 1999, ink on paper, each page about 4"x7" - click for larger image

here’s a close-up of the drawing of the “Barbie Stove” so-named, by Laura and Fletcher, because it resembled a toy stove:

Sketch of the Fletcher and Laura's Barbie Stove - ink on paper, about 3"x4"

and here’s the envelope:

Front and back of envelope sent to mom from Bolivia, August 1999, ink and stamps on envelope, about 3"x4"

more 1999 stuff later.


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